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Hormonal balance

If PCOS, IR, monthly period disorder, cyst, myoma, menopause, barrenness, obesity, fatigue and endometriosis are familiar expressions to you, it is time to join us! As women we are super sensitive and the effects and reactions of our nervous system and our body to the everyday impacts often end up in hormonal misbalance.
It is extremely important to release everyday stress, to change our attitude since our health is above all things.
As I also used to suffer from the above mentioned problems I would like to share my own experiences and the well working methods.

Thanks to the diseases, I learned to cure myself without any medicines.
My hormonal system and monthly period have also returned to normal.
Naturally, first of all we have to make order and decisions in our head.
It is also recommended to yoga instructors as every third of them is suffering from such problems.