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Hajnalka Sarig – Yoga Teacher

My name is Hajnalka Sarig. I have gained 16 years of professional experience in the fields of yoga, healthy lifestyle, fitness and sports. I have always been living an active life. Movement is life itself.

During the accelerated and hyperactive years something was always missing but that time I did not know what. Meanwhile, due to the too much training I did, I started having problems with my spine and I already had severe pain at the age of 20.

With the help of Iyengar yoga I got cured both physically and mentally while I achieved a complete change inside. Today’s everyday experiences for me are: freedom, conscious presence, calmness and feeling good, loving my life as it is. Yoga helped and lead me to this state of body and mind.

Do you also want to find the internal silence?

I can show you the way like a traffic light. You can follow it and decide whether you turn right or left. Your way depends on your decision. In case you find yourself in a labyrinth I may show you options to help you find your way but you will have to find the exit. Meet me at personal or group yoga classes as well as at several yoga workshops and camps in Hungary or in Bali.

Why choose me?

Because I have been learning and teaching yoga for 16 years. I have been lucky enough to learn from the founder of Iyengar yoga for several years. Before I met my Iyengar master I had been learning the system and the wide-ranging knowledge of yoga from the best and most outstanding yoga teachers.

At present I am also working as an assistant teacher at international yoga teacher training courses, assisting my teachers that is a real honour to me.

My beloved teachers are: Rita Keller, Bob Blaser, Kevin Gardiner, Klaus Gresch, George Günter